half-inˈteger noun
A number formed by the division of an odd integer by two
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  • Half-integer — In mathematics, a half integer is a number of the form :n + 1/2, where n is an integer. For example, :4 frac12;, 7/2, −13/2, 8.5are all half integers. Note that a half of an integer is not always a half integer: half of an even integer is an… …   Wikipedia

  • half-integer — noun Any number obtained by dividing an odd integer by two …   Wiktionary

  • half-integer — /haf ˈɪntədʒə/ (say hahf intuhjuh) noun any member of the set of numbers that is obtained by dividing the odd integers by two. –half integral, adjective …   Australian English dictionary

  • half-integral — half in·te·gral (hăfʹĭnʹtĭ grəl, häfʹ ) adj. Having an odd integer as a numerator and 2 as a denominator. Used of a fraction. * * * …   Universalium

  • Integer factorization — In number theory, integer factorization is the way of breaking down a composite number into smaller non trivial divisors, which when multiplied together equal the original integer.When the numbers are very large, no efficient integer… …   Wikipedia

  • Half precision — In computing, half precision is a computer numbering format that occupies only half of one storage location (word) in computer memory at some address. A half precision number may be defined to be a binary or decimal integer, fixed point, or… …   Wikipedia

  • half — n., adj., & adv. n. (pl. halves) 1 either of two equal or corresponding parts or groups into which a thing is or might be divided. 2 colloq. = half back. 3 colloq. half a pint, esp. of beer etc. 4 either of two equal periods of play in sports. 5… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Half-diminished seventh chord — See also: Dominant seventh flat five chord half diminished seventh chord Component intervals from root minor seventh diminished fifth (tritone) …   Wikipedia

  • Nearest integer function — In computer science, the nearest integer function of real number x denoted variously by [x][1], , ,[2] nint(x), or Round(x), is a function which returns the nearest integer to x. To avoid ambiguity when operating on half integers, a rounding rule …   Wikipedia

  • Short integer — In computer programming, a short integer is a data type that can represent a whole number which may take less storage, while having a smaller range, compared with a standard integer on the same machine.In C, it is denoted by short. A short… …   Wikipedia

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